In addition to the talks below, you should explore my user group talks at SpeakerDeck/JWo

ActionCable - For Not Another Chat App Please - RailsConf 2016



SlackBot.rb - Create You a Slack Bot - For HoustonRuby

react-rails: an isomorphic match made in heaven - Houston RB

Docker - next big thing - Houston RB

Ruby 2.1 Overview - Houston RB

Rails 4 Appetizers - Houston RB

The Long Ball - Upgrading long lived Rails apps from 1.x-4.0 at RailsConf 2013

Rails is Just Ruby at RailsConf 2013

Rails Magic Exposed at Lone Star Ruby Conference 2012

Velveeta and Active Record at Ignite RailsConf 2012

Javascript for people who didn’t learn Javascript, at Lone Star Ruby Conference 2011

Battle of NoSQL stars: Amazon’s SDB vs Mongoid vs CouchDB vs RavenDB, at Lone Star Ruby Conference 2010