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2016 - 5 things we learned from a veteran instructor at The Iron Yard

Here’s what else we learned from talking to Jesse: 1. Teaching is both emotional and rewarding 2. For coding beginners, ignorance isn’t bliss 3. So new to code you haven’t tried it? Don’t join a bootcamp…yet. 4. Wrapping it up is easier said than done 5. Teaching what students NEED to know is crucial

2014 - Q&A with IronYard Teacher and RailsConf Speaker Jesse Wolgamott

In 2006 or 2007, I was in a class at the University of Houston, and the professor was showing new techniques or whatnot. He showed of Rails. It was the first time I’d ever even seen it. I’d sort of heard about it, but I saw. I’d been working on a project for about 4 years at that point, and I was like, if I had used this, it would have cut off 3 of those 4 years of work, because it just does so much for you, it speeds it up, and its so much fun. It’s great.

2010 - Lone Star Ruby Conf Speaker Interview: Jesse Wolgamott

CouchDB was my first experience with NoSQL – the built-in map-reduce is so unique. MongoDB is a newer kid on the block, and is easier to get running in Rails, so that’s a plus.