RubyOffRails Scholarship for Women

I have an opportunity to do something, and I want to do it. Ruby is awesome, and I’ve been inspired by RailsGirls and Kids Code Camp. I want to bridge the gender gap in software development, and this is an initial step for me to do something.

tl;dr I am offering a 100% scholarship to the 6 week RubyOffRails class for up to 5 women software developers. Apply Here

The Ruby online training course starts July 31, and I’ll keep applications open through August 3rd Thursday Morning, August 2nd. It’s a self-paced course, so if you start this week you won’t be behind. I’ll be granting scholarships to the candidates I feel have the best chance to succeed and will have the most impact. Obviously subjective, but I think this will work. Apply and learn how to be a happy programmer!


What do you Have to do?

  1. Tell me why you want to learn Ruby?
  2. Tell me how learning Ruby can improve your life

What will you get?

  1. Free access to the Summer RubyOffRails course
  2. Full access to code reviews and office hours. It’s a full ticket!
  3. Happiness because you’re loving Ruby

Who is this course for?

  1. Developers who have programming experience in a C based language
  2. Ideally programmers who want to learn the fundamentals of Ruby for a career in Rails
  3. Awesome people.

You can learn more about the course at

Apply Here.

I was asked what my relationship is to RubyOffRails: I created RubyOffRails in April 2012 and run the course: the video codecasts, discussions, and code reviews are all me.